I quit my job. Now what?

WelcomeHello and welcome to my blog! I’ve been going through a bit of a transition in life lately; much more complex than I would have expected. At the mere age of 25, I have quit my job after being in the workforce for around 4 years without a plan B. I have had mixed feedback from my friends/colleagues/acquaintances (I have yet to announce it to my family and have yet to find out how my strict, live life by the rule book, east Asian mum will react to this!)  but overall I have had much more positive feedback than I had expected.

Most of us grew up living by the wise words of “never quit without a plan B” or equivalent. I had this quote drilled in my head since young and I wholeheartedly stood by this until I reached a breaking point in my career. I started to have minor breakdowns at work and outside of work in the last few months. I talked this out with a few close colleagues of mine and it was obvious to them that I was unhappy at work and haven’t been myself for the past few months. I worked in a quick pace, marketing agency where you had to be on the ball at all times, slow down a bit and you slip. I’m quite introverted so working in an environment that needed consistent, up-beat traits of an extrovert stressed me out. I had tears in my eyes talking to a colleague of mine about this, at this point, she made a pivotal statement that led me to my final decision “You’re this unhappy (about me in tears at this moment), at the end of the day, a job is just a job, it’s not worth you sacrificing your mental health”.

It hit me then. She was right. Whatever it was at work that was breaking me down, it wasn’t worth sacrificing my mental health. My job paid the bills, yes, but I couldn’t put my happiness on the line.

So here I am. Unemployed. I served my 2 months notice period and it’s been 2 days since my official unemployment status. I have saved enough to last at least 6 months of unemployment however, I have made a pact with myself that I will only let myself a maximum of 2 months to find my plan B. What that is I’m not sure yet, I am just so grateful for everyone in my life who has been so supportive of my decision thus far.

There’s a quiet beauty to living life with uncertainty; a soft hum of hope and a certain je ne sais quois/ ‘what will be will be’, kind of feeling.

This blog has been created for me to document my new journey here, both the ups, the downs and everything in between. Now that I’m way out of my comfort zone; I’m looking forward to seeing what life has in store for me.

-The Girl in Black Frames


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