10 Struggles to Job Hunting 

Job hunting is tough.

It takes perseverance and lots and lots of patience. It’s practically a job in itself.

Here are 10 stages that makes job hunting like a part time job for me:

  1. I usually spend hours researching and searching for available jobs that is relevant for my skills/ an interest
  2. Applications usually involve more than just submitting a CV. There are bespoke cover letters to prepare and some require additional assessment questions to be answered which can take up to 45mins per application
  3. By operating on the mindset of ‘not putting all your eggs in one basket’, applying to multiple roles means 45mins X 10 applications
  4. Most of the time you, I receive several responses for an interview which is fantastic but it’ll mean scheduling in interviews like you’re going to work.
  5. Most interviews also require several subsequent interview stages which you have to schedule them in as well. I now have a good month full of interviews scheduled in
  6. These subsequent interviews usually require more in depth preparation ie, a presentation which requires ample preparation time beforehand (usually a good few days)
  7. Multiple 2nd interviews lined up means multiple presentations to produce which takes up additional time to prep, sometimes foregoing social events to stay in and prep
  8. Feels a bit like all work and no play for a short while
  9. Then comes the waiting period.
  10. If succesful, great! if not, the vicious process starts again

Job hunting is tough, but we all go through it one way or another. Just got to have faith sometimes and believe that hard work pays off and the right job will come along.

How do you guys handle job hunt struggles?

-The Girl in Black Frames 


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