5 Stages of Texting a Guy


It can be so difficult dating in the 21st century sometimes, especially at a time where people tend to be constantly connected online; it can feel as though you need to be in constant contact with each other to know that the other party is interested. This makes it even more frustrating when you’re at the kinda-sorta-seeing each other phase where you want to be communicating with each other when you’re not physically around but also want to play it cool and not come across too forward too soon.

The stages of texting a guy I’m sorta seeing, usually goes like this for me:

  1. Setting: I respond to the guy, it’s been a few hours and he hasn’t responded.
    Me: Fine, I’ve got other things to do
  2. Setting: Checks phone half hour later (not necessarily to see if he responded). No response.
    Me: Gently places my phone out of sight
  3. Setting: Checks phone an hour later. No response.
    Me: hides my phone out of sight, usually in another room if I’m home or in my bag if I’m out.
  4. Setting: Checks phone another few hours later and he still hasn’t responded. At this stage it’s been a whole 8-10 hours.
    Me: goes in to a full blown rage mode; cursing him in my head and imagining scenarios of where he’s chatting up some other girl all whilst feeling slightly sad at the same time thinking this is over.
  5. Setting: Guy texts me back and also tells me what he’s been doing in the past 8-10 hours.
    Me: All smiling and bubbly again acting like none of the above ever happened 🙂

I tire myself out acting this way – ha.

Is it just me or do you girls feel the same way?

-The Girl in Black Frames



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